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Trusted Family-Run Business
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00


What is the enrollment process?

The first step is to submit a contact form, so that I can gather more information about your situation. After that form is submitted, you will receive a phone call to discuss your training goals and to schedule a 60 minute in-person consultation. All consultations are done at my facility by appointment only. At this consultation, if it is decided that you are a good fit for one of our program, we will schedule your program!

What is your pricing?

Prices are listed at the bottom of each program.

Do you come to my home?

Typically, no. Most appointments are done at my facility.

“Well, don’t you need to see my dog’s behaviors at home to be able to fix it?”

It’s not productive from a behavioral modification standpoint to allow your dog to practice their problem behaviors more than they already have. Going forward, we want these behaviors to stop and don’t want to put your dog in situations where they are able to practice them without having a consequence in place. A consultation and a conversation regarding the concerns are more than enough to be able to understand what you’re experiencing.

What do I do when I arrive for my appointment?

Stay in your car and give me a call when you're here! There may be other dogs and people coming in and out and we want to make sure everyone stays safe.

How should I interact with my dog at drop-off, private sessions, go-home sessions, and follow-up sessions?

More often than not, a huge component of behavior modification training is a result of over excitement. Creating a calm state of mind in these situations is crucial to the success of our training programs. It is asked that you remain calm, not over excite your dog. These sessions are to learn and set everyone up for success.

What supplies do I need to bring with?

We only need a leash, collar(s), muzzle if necessary, food, medications, and treats/ bones if you would like to send them.

Who has to come to the evaluation?

We ask that all adult that will be handling the dog come to the evaluation.

How will I receive updates, schedule appointments, and ask follow up questions?

All communication is done via email at ryan@balancedcanineacademy. We will post updates on social media if you would like photos or videos. Please follow us on Instagram. An update and a recap will be sent about a week prior to your dog coming home. No news is good news from the trainer. We may reach out more frequently if we have questions or concerns.

How often do I get to visit my dog during a Boot Camp?

You will have a session the day before your dog comes home and another session the day your dog comes home at the end of your training program. The reason we do not allow visitation during training is because this is a time not only for detox and to create new behavioral patterns, but visits sooner can create unnecessary stress for your dog while away.

Do you offer follow up sessions after a Boot Camp program?

We are here to support you beyond your Boot Camp program. Continued support is automatically included at no extra charge, however we do have a protocol in place to access said support. Follow up appointments are to be scheduled via email, be it in person, a phone call, or a Skype call. We recommend schedling a check in within 30 days.

Do you offer a shadowing program for those interested in becoming dog trainers?

This is absolutely something I'd be willing to discuss! While I don't have a program designed for this, I'd be more than happy to discuss how I can help you learn!

When are payments for my training due?

25% of the program is down to set your dates. The remaining balance is due at the time training begins.

Do you offer discounts?

At this time I do not offer any discounts.

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